5 Delicious Summer Cocktails You Can Make At Home!

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Full of passion, history and all the sun-soaked decadence of summer, we bet you can’t try just one of these five amazing cocktails!

New Orleans Classic Sazerac

If you love history you will adore this New Orleans classic, which dates back to the 1830’s!

• 1.5 tsp club soda.
• 1 sugar cube.
• 4 splashes bitters.
• 5 TBSP cognac.
• 1 TBSP absinthe.
• 1 cup crushed ice.
• 1 lemon twist.

• Combine sugar cube and club soda, then add bitters and Cognac.
• Coat a stemless wineglass with the absinthe and set it in the frig to chill.
• Chill cognac mixture with ice, then strain it into chilled absinthe glass.
• Add a lemon twist garnish and serve.

Vodka Lemon Slushie

You’ll need to guard this one from the kiddos – or make them the virgin variety!


• 5 whole lemons cut in half.
• 1/3 cup vodka.
• 1 cup lemonade.
• 2 cups crushed ice.
• 10 small mint sprigs.

• Scoop out the fruit of each lemon half, being careful not to tear the peel.
• Add all ingredients save mint to a blender and blend.
• Scoop slushie mix back into lemon peel halves and garnish with mint.
• Yum!

Eben Freeman’s Royal Blush

If you’ve ever fancied watching your adult beverage change color while you sip it, you are in for a treat here!

• 3/4 cup all-fruit spread + 3/4 cup water, pureed.
• 3 TBSP vodka.
• 1.5 TBSP fresh lime juice.
• 3 cups water + 3 cups sugar (to make simple syrup).
• 1/4 cup dry champagne or sparkling wine.
• 1 cup ice cubes.
• 5 mint leaves.

• Make simple syrup first.
• Add 1 tsp of fruit puree to chilled martini glass.
• In a chilled shaker, add 1 TBSP simple syrup, vodka, lime juice and torn mint leaves.
• Add ice to the shaker and shake for 15 seconds.
• Strain into glass.
• Top with champagne and serve!

Blue Tequila Crush

What makes a seaside summer even steamier? Why, tequila, of course!

• 3 oz. tequila.
• 3 oz. Triple Sec.
• 1/4 cup Blue Curacao.
• 1/3 cup fresh lime juice.
• 1 can seltzer water.
• 2 cups ice.
• Lime wedges and coarse salt.

• Salt and lime two tall glasses.
• Combine all other ingredients save seltzer and ice and pour half into each glass.
• Add a splash of seltzer to each glass.
• Finish off with plenty of ice.

The Casino Royal Vesper Martini

Named for the girl who stole James Bond’s heart, you will instantly understand why Bond drinks all his martinis shaken and never stirred.

• 6 TBSP gin.
• 4 TBSP vodka.
• 1 TBSP Lillet Blanc dessert wine.
• 1 cup ice.
• 1 lemon peel garnish.

• Combine all ingredients save lemon peel into a shaker and shake for 30 seconds.
• Strain into a chilled martini glass.
• Garnish with lemon peel.

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